NASA Nebraska EPSCoR Statewide Competition

In anticipation of a national NASA EPSCoR Solicitation, the NASA Nebraska EPSCoR program invites proposals for participation in the next national competition.  The NASA Nebraska EPSCoR program is initiating this competition at the state level to evaluate the proposal(s) to be submitted upon NASA’s official announcement of the national competition.  NASA Nebraska EPSCoR will only consider successful proposals from this competition to be eligible in the national NASA EPSCoR competition upon release of a solicitation. 

All institutions of higher education in Nebraska are eligible for NASA Nebraska EPSCoR research funds. 



NASA Nebraska EPSCoR Research Mini-Grants

This program provides NASA Nebraska EPSCoR research mini-grants to Nebraska researchers interested in strengthening already existing ties with NASA scientists and conducting research that supports the NASA Mission Directorates.


NASA Nebraska EPSCoR Mini-Grants have two primary objectives:

1) To elevate the aerospace-related research being conducted in Nebraska for future infrastructure building and workforce development opportunities; and

2) To result in future proposals to NASA and/or other federal, state, or private organizations for funding.

FY20 NASA Nebraska EPSCoR Research Mini-Grant Competition


Pertinent Dates

  • Proposals Due: December 4, 2020 (5:00 pm Central time).  The submission system will not allow submissions after this time.  

  • Anticipated Funding Period: January 1 - September 30, 2021

Proposals must be submitted through the NASA Nebraska grant management system where more information may be found about the competition:  https://nespacegrant.infoready4.com/